Wilhelm Meier: Spindles & Stems - Turned Parts - Milled Parts

Großspindeln | Large spindles and stems

Spindeln bis 6.000 mm Länge und Spindelmuttern für Armaturen-, Anlagen- und Stahlwasserbau Weitere Informationen


Serienspindeln | Spindle series production

Gerollte und gewirbelte Spindeln in Serienfertigung für Antriebs- und Verstelltechnik Weitere Informationen


Dreh-Frästeile | Complex turned and milled parts

CNC-Komplettbearbeitung von komplexen Dreh-Frästeilen für Antriebstechnik und Maschinenbau Weitere Informationen


Trapezgewindespindeln und -muttern | Trapezoidal threaded spindles and nuts

Lösungen für Antriebstechnik, Armaturen- und Maschinenbau, Kraftwerks- und Abwassertechnik. Weitere Informationen


Spindeln und Drehteile | Spindles and turned parts

Gewirbelte und gerollte Spindeln sowie Drehteile für Antriebstechnik und Maschinenbau. Weitere Informationen


Sondergewinde | Special threads

Individuelle Lösungen - auch jenseits der Norm. Profitieren Sie von unserer langjährigen Erfahrung. Weitere Informationen


Hohlspindeln | Hollow spindles

Hohlspindeln mit gerolltem oder gewirbeltem Trapezgewinde aus Aluminium oder Stahl. Weitere Informationen


WM in "The Industrial Valve Journal"


The Industrial Valve Journal (Industriearmaturen) reports about products from our company in issue 2/2014.

The headline of the article is "Security relevant spindles and turned parts for power plant valves".




Read the article here... >>


The company

Wilhelm Meier Spindeln u. Drehteile GmbH + Co. KG is specialized in the production of high quality products with cut, whirled or rolled threads.

According to the individual requirements of our clients we manufacture:

large stems / spindles,

serial stems / spindles,

turned parts,

milled parts

for actuator technology, valve construction, power plant technology, mechanical engineering and other industries.

A main focus is the production of trapezoidal threaded spindles and nuts.


Quality - Made in Germany

...for more than 60 years! We are proud of this.

Our products match the highest quality requirements. This is reflected at the use in our products.

We operate a strict quality management along the value-added chain. As part of an in-process control our employees report on the individual steps and the connected quality assurance measures.


Trapezoidal threaded spindles

Trapezoidal threaded spindles / stems

A stem or spindle with a trapezoidal thread is normally used as a movement stem (spindle). We manufacture stems (spindles) from Tr 12 to Tr 110 for drive and actuator technology, for valve construction as well as for power plant, water, waste water and theater technology.


Hollow stems / Hollow spindles


Hollow stems (spindles) are pipes with an external thread over the entire length of the tube. They are used for example in telescopic drives for high-quality furniture.

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